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    2022-4-26 12:30:00

    HMGBiotech is a biotech company founded by Marco E. Bianchi, a leading scientist in the HMGB field.

    HMGB1 is a component of the cell nucleus, with multiple functions in the organization and expression of the genome. When a cell dies because of an insult (a virus, a mechanical or chemical trauma, poisoning) HMGB1 is released and is picked up by receptors in nearby cells. In addition, cells under severe stress secrete HMGB1 even before dying. Surviving cells mount a firstline response -inflammation- and try to replace the dead cells and reconstruct the damaged tissue. HMGB1 promotes recovery and regeneration, for example of the heart after infarction. However, too much HMGB1 is associated to sepsis (excessive inflammation leading to acute distress and eventually death), arthritis, atherosclerosis, and cancer metastasis.

    HMGBiotech srl provides reagents, services and ideas to other researchers and companies active in this promising field. It also helps the Bianchi lab in developing assays and reagents.

    HMGBiotech has R&D and production unit within OSR in via Olgettina 58, 20133 Milano, Italy

    HMGBiotech srl為活躍在這一有希望的領域的其他研究人員和公司提供試劑、服務和想法。它還幫助Bianchi實驗室開發分析和試劑。
    HMGBiotech在意大利米蘭via Olgettina 5820133的OSR內設有研發和生產部門